Monday, August 14, 2017

Getting Ready for Back to (Home)School

 We received all of our new curriculum this week and it almost felt like Christmas! The new books are so nice and clean and really make me excited for starting our school year. We are using Abeka books this year for our homeschooling. 
Little W is starting K4 this year, since he won't turn five until December. He's very excited!

Baby I was hoping that there would be toys in the boxes. Haha!

Even though he won't officially be in school, he will no doubt pick up some new
knowledge from his big brothers. 

While not quite as excited as their little brothers, the two older boys (5th and 6th grades) are pleased that I was able to work out their school schedule to being only four days a week.
They said, "That's much better than public school!"

Yes, son. Yes it is.


New Butchering Station **WARNING: GRAPHIC**

 Handy Husband put his skills to use once again and made this nifty butchering stand. It'll make processing rabbits so much easier! We tried it out last weekend, along with processing a few quail. 

Feathered Friends

 Here's a bit of all things feather/fowl... 

We moved the Coturnix quail into the currently unused greenhouse, and they really love it. Their old pen was just too soggy and wet. I've been hatching out a lot of these little guys lately. 

Speaking of quail, the Bobwhite are doing well, and just started laying eggs finally. I doubt I'll do anything with them, though. They're just more of a novelty bird for us. 

This young man has some new friends: Skye, Angel, and Mischief.
They love hanging out on his shoulder. 

Most of our original flock of chickens was annihilated by raccoons and opossums recently, but thankfully I had just started an incubator full of their eggs. They won't be the same, but hopefully I'll get some good layers out of them. It breaks my heart that I've had so many wonderful birds lose their lives in such a terrible way. 

Summer Flowers

 Despite having bouts of drought, and attacks from Japanese beetles, and the lawn getting far too overgrown from issues with the mower, we did manage to have some pretty decent annual flowers in our yard this summer.

The roses, on the otherhand, didn't fare so well.... 
The Knockout roses only had their leaves stripped, but most of my old fashioned roses have died back completely and are having to grow back from the ground up. It's very sad, since the same thing happened last summer. I wonder if they'll ever be as big and full as they once were. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Ducks New Home

After moving the quail to the greenhouse, so they could have more sunshine, I thought their old pen would make the perfect duck pen. It's safe from predators, plenty big, and it becomes a huge mud-pit in the rain. Perfect for ducks!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Boat Remodel, Phase 1

 Handy Husband had purchased what I thought was a piece of junk years ago. It sat in our barnyard, surrounded by weeds, until we finally decided to tackle the job of fixing it up. 

After removing the seats that we had decided on not keeping, we started general clean up and removal of the old hole patches. 

The boat is an old aluminum, flat bottom boat. 

It cleaned up rather nicely, and the old patches sanded off with just a bit of elbow grease. 

Everything is smoothed and sanded. 

We used a spray-on, liquid, rubber sealant on all rivets and seams. 

The actual holes were patched using the rubber sealant as well as a mesh screen to help
cover the holes in. Several coats of rubber sealant will be needed on these areas.
That's as far as we got on this phase.
Stay tuned for the finished boat (hopefully soon!). 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Boy and His Dog

Our sweet Tank is still a favorite amongst the kids.

After adopting him, Tank became an instant friend of Baby W's. 

And he still is! Their friendship of three years is still going strong. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Glimpse of Our Rabbit Colony

Check out this super short video showing you what life
is like in our rabbit colony.

Garden Update

I decided to downsize our garden this year, as it was just far too much for me to handle last year. So far everything is doing pretty well, although I'm having a hard time with my successive plantings of green beans... the rabbits are eating them all up as soon as they sprout!

We've got the following planted:
potatoes, green beans, snap peas, radish, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers. 

More Lakeside Fun

 I LOVE that we live so close to this beautiful lake. We spent another wonderful weekend there and even took the little ones out on the lake in a paddleboat. They loved it!