Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bathroom Remodel, Phase 3

All the major bones have been put into place, and we are now thick in the Sheetrock phase. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bathroom Remodel, Phase 2

Remodeling is going well. Just a little more plumbing, electrical, and sheetrock and we'll be on our way to being almost done. We set the new vanity and marble counter top, and installed the new faucets. A beautiful, brand new bath tub replaces the ugly old one now and a 50 gallon water heater has been put into place. 

Bathroom Remodel, Phase 1

We began work on our master bathroom and closet area this week. As always, it's proving to be a much bigger project than we initially thought. In this post, I don't have actual before pictures, as we started work before we thought of taking any pictures. The old closet has been removed, the new closet walls have been built and lights in the new closet are installed. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby I is 9 Months Old!

I realize I'm terribly behind, but Baby I turned nine months old last week. He's 27 pounds of pure adorable-ness! He's been changing so much just in the last few days, by learning how to crawl and pull himself up to standing. He has 8 teeth too! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flowers For Mommy

My precious kids brought me some wild flowers they picked on one of their evening walks. They're some of the most beautiful flowers ever!

Greenhouse Half-Done

Over the last few months handy husband has been remodeling the milk barn, turning it into my long-desired greenhouse. We replaced the tin roof with corrugated plastic, and cleared out the old fixtures inside. So far we only have the front half completed, and ready to use. We don't have any beds built yet, so will just do container gardening for now. I'm very excited about getting to use this little space and can't wait to see the growing potential!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bountiful Beauty

I cannot even describe the level of contentment I feel while spending time outside. Everything is so full of life right now and there is beauty around every corner. I love our little plot of earth and feel so blessed.
Our baby tomatoes, coming in nicely. I'm doing container gardening again this year, since I'm not sure if the grasshoppers will make their return this summer or not. So far we haven't seen a single one, but it's still early.
One of my "new" roses, given to me by my mom two years ago. It is SO full of buds!
Above, one of our Knockout rose bushes.
The two little guys love spending time in the yard...
As you can see by all the toys, our new "rose garden" is a favorite place to play.
An "old" rose that was here when we moved in.
This was a surprise... a strange-looking "bush" that up until this spring had never had so much as a flower on it, now has baby peaches!
This is our massive old rose bush that we've discovered actually has two smaller roses growing under/within it. It's so wonderful seeing all the beautiful surprises in nature!